Every year at the same day, we’ll be there

I think I'm allowed to say that the 25th of April of 1974 is, for the majority of Portuguese that lived under the dictatorship of the previous regime, one of the most important days of their lives. Democracy was implemented and with it many of the restrictions and prohibitions that people lived so far were …


Liga MEO Surf, they surf, she learns, I shoot

It has being a long and hard winter. That always limits the chance to get outside and take the streets or other outside places with the intent of create some images. Last weekend was Liga MEO Surf time, a perfect opportunity to watch the best Portuguese surfers in action. As the weather was alright, me and …

Carnaval, fun for everyone

Today was fun, as we did last year, we went to see the carnival parade at Loures. It is always fun to watch how people embrace this day and let the best of them out. The camera was ready, and as always I made some images to share with you. Hope you like them.  

She Surfs, I Shoot

Quite often my older one takes Surf lessons, from all the activities she has, this is my favorite. While she's building her relationship with the waves, I have the perfect escuse to take some shoots. As always there are some I will share with you, hope you like them.    

My older one, became a noble woman.

Last weekend  at our parish, we celebrated a traditional fair, which recreate the XVIII century. Every year, in September, people come together and recreate the environment lived at that time, we had jugglers, story tellers, traditional games, and dances, among many other activities. This year, my older one decided to join the royal dance. For …