Sintra, for Christmas

Hi everyone, have you already been in Sintra? No ????  well, you should. Sintra is for me the most beautiful village in Portugal. Isn´t season specific, during Summer or during Winter, Fall or Spring, it does not matter. It is always perfect. You will be able to see castles, palaces, gorgeous gardens, beaches, mountains and …


Walking around the streets

It´s been a while since my last post, basically I didn´t shoot much, mainly the kind of shooting I like to share here, which are stories of family moments and other events I find interesting. For other types of photography I rather use Instagram, however this time I'll leave you with some of my last street photography images. As always I …

She Surfs, I Shoot

Quite often my older one takes Surf lessons, from all the activities she has, this is my favorite. While she's building her relationship with the waves, I have the perfect escuse to take some shoots. As always there are some I will share with you, hope you like them.