She Surfs, I Shoot

Quite often my older one takes Surf lessons, from all the activities she has, this is my favorite. While she's building her relationship with the waves, I have the perfect escuse to take some shoots. As always there are some I will share with you, hope you like them.    


My older one, became a noble woman.

Last weekend  at our parish, we celebrated a traditional fair, which recreate the XVIII century. Every year, in September, people come together and recreate the environment lived at that time, we had jugglers, story tellers, traditional games, and dances, among many other activities. This year, my older one decided to join the royal dance. For …

My country, up North II

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain of Portugal continental,  mostly visited during winter, due to snow that covers its peaks. It is the only Portuguese mountain that allow people to enjoy some snow related activities. As any mountain, provides great opportunities to people, like me, that loves photography to make some landscape images. As …

My country, up North

The second half of our vacations were up north, near Serra da Estrela in a sweat little village called Travancinha. Although this part of the country is mostly visited during the winter, due to the snow that covers the higher parts of Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain of the Portugal continental, it still offers …

My country, Beaches and Sunsets II

One of the best things that south-west part of Alentejo have, is the opportunity that people have to chose a different beach every day, and they are still amazing. Today I'll share some photos of Amoreira and Amalia Beach. As always hope you like them. Amoreira beach. Amalia beach.